Mental Health Counselling

Reema Bansal Mehta has been working in her home town Yamuna-Nagar as a counseling psychologist for more than 5 years now. She also works at Sacred Heart Convent School as a counselor guiding students, parents and teachers.

According to Reema:

The need of counseling has been realized throughout people’s life-spans. Seeking timely guidance and counseling can alleviate much of the suffering so unavoidable in human life.

What does a mental health counselor do?mental-health-counselling-india

A mental health counselor talks to people through problems. In many cases, they diagnose as well as treat mental illnesses.

She helps people cope with difficult life events, for example, physical illness, death of loved ones, and relationship problems or divorce. Often times the counselor helps people manage serious mental illnesses like bipolar disorder or situations such as abuse or violence.

Sometimes the counselor also needs to refer clients or patients for additional resources to psychiatrists.